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What if you could see exactly how you were Designed to operate?

Discover the UNIQUE mapping system that makes you, YOU!!

What is Human Design?

The Human Design System is a genetic mapping system that reveals each person's unique moment-to-moment inner truth.


Once you witness that yourself, you'll begin to see the many things we are trying to be that don't suit or serve us. These end up being the things we are not. They differ from person to person, all of which are read directly from your Human Design Chart.


They are the things that make us sick, burdened, scared, nervous, uncertain, anxious, and susceptible to negative conditioning. It's a toxic soup almost everyone has accepted as Life's difficulties.


But that's not true!…

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TWO Sessions Can Change EVERYTHING...!

When you see your own human design BodyGraph for the first time, you see what's happening deep within your own body's chemistry and how the energy flows through you.


That then bubbles up to the surface to become the content and character of the Life you're here to live.


A good Human Design Analysis begins the process of eliminating self-doubt, insecurities, depression, anxiety, and concerns over thoughts like "What's my purpose?" or "Where am I going?"…


Here are the benefits of your first session.

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Understand Who You Are

Gain an understanding of how you are unique and what works best for you and your energy. Expand your awareness and consciousness of yourself and others.

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Love Yourself

Release the self-hate and self-limiting beliefs and thinking. Learn how to make the best to make decisions for yourself in your life.

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Improve Your Relationships

It teaches you how to have successful relationships with yourself and others. Expands awareness and consciousness and learn how to navigate through life!

Discover the UNIQUE mapping system that makes you, YOU!!

Families, Children & Relationships

Human Design is also for parents. It identifies and nullifies issues between spouses or partners who are open enough to hear. But, by far, the most profound impact is on children.


Parents armed with this knowledge can finally have that infamous "Owner's Manual", how your child is Designed to be. We can finally stop correcting them away from their true nature, and avoid all the downstream problems, that we just accept as part of Life.


Your child doesn't have a problem. They don't need to be medicated or labeled, and neither do you! As we identify what your child is currently acting out from just their BodyGraph, you'll be able to witness it for yourself!

Copy of HD SOLID BODYGRAPHS Original Set (2)

But, don't take my word for it. Witness it for Yourself

and SEE what others are saying!

Why Choose Danny Guru

With all of my knowledge and experience, I'm here to help reset this material into a place where we can simply be at ease within ourselves. Free from the daunting task of thinking, we need to have it all 'figured out', when we don't. 


But, simply knowing this isn't enough. 


It must be experienced. 


And it starts with your own individual analysis…     


Ultimately, the end game is getting this information out into the world and working for our children and us. I've been on this crusade for 14 years. I've seen countless lives changed for the better. If you want to stop worrying about every little thing:


  1. Have your human design BodyGraph read and analyzed.
  2. See for yourself that this miracle tells us all: who we are and who we are not.
  3. Give yourself this Human Design Advantage. 
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Copy of HD SOLID BODYGRAPHS Original Set (1)

"You are already perfect. You were made this way. Now it's time to get used to it." - Danny Guru

Copy of HD SOLID BODYGRAPHS Original Set (1)

Discover the UNIQUE mapping system that makes you, YOU!!

TWO Sessions Can Change EVERYTHING...!

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