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Beginner and Intermediate

Refocus Your Mind with MINDFULNESS

Enjoy your sessions with highly qualified and experienced MINDFULNESS and HUMAN DESIGN coaches that offer an integrative approach to mind-body wellbeing and resilience.



Mindfulness and Human Design Packages & Services

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Mindful Eating Through Your Human Design Masterclass

Mindful Eating - Need to Finish

Learn how to properly nourish your body according to your unique human design and incorporate mindful eating habits. Use compassionate awareness to develop a balanced relationship with food.

  • How to recognize when, what and how we want to eat according to your UNIQUE design
  • How to know and recognize when you are full
  • Why mindful eating is NOT a diet
  • How to recognize WHY we eat
  • How to mindfully enjoy food that will fuel our lives and build a loving relationship with food

Join the Live Masterclass on November 4th at 3 pm. Click Below to Sign Up!

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Mindful Beginning with Human Design

This package of 8 coaching calls is perfect for you if you are relatively new to mindfulness and your human design. This is a one-on-one, personalized guidance and instruction package to help you decondition and live authentically in your design.


  • Recordings of all coaching sessions for you to reference whenever you need them.
  • Written materials are provided weekly to support your deepening understanding of mindfulness and your ongoing practice.
  • Personalized support and guided practices.
  • Eight weekly 45-minute calls.

BONUS: Sign Up Now and Get Instant Access The "Refocus Your Mind With Mindfulness Workbook" (Valued at $333)

All Sessions and Packages are run on a suggested donation basis.

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We Have Raving Fans!

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"Jennifer is Amazing to work with. She’s points out truths we seek to hide and in willingness to work with ourselves we nd out why we strive to avoid truths about ourselves and why we get stuck. I’m very grateful for Jen and the space she creates."

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"Jen is a kindred spirit that showed me an ancestral emotion that kept ruling my decisions and days. She helped me release something I wasn’t aware of and had me recognize my soul chose to rework this in my lifetime. The work we did was powerful. Thank you Jen, those who choose to work with you are blessed."

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"Jen is such a light to this world and I am so excited to take this course through her! Meditation has played a major role in my healing & I can't wait to dive in!”


Learn More About

How Mindfulness Coaching Can Help You

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Reasons People Work with a Mindfulness & Human Design Coach

  • Increase positive emotions
  • Rewire your brain for happiness and resilience
  • Improve sleep and immune functioning
  • Increase focused attention
  • Stress reduction
  • Heal from grief and loss without feeling so overwhelmed
  • Learn how to live well with illness

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